Film Post #1 Rust and Bone (De rouille et d’os) 2012

Rust and Bone

Somewhere near the end of our conversation, our two new “Girls,” mentioned that they planned to check out a movie later that day.

For the most part, my friends typically come to me when looking for movie recommendations. If they don’t find anything on a few of the lists I have posted on various sites (facebook, etc.), they’ll either ask me when with me, or as one friend loves to do, often late at night or early in the morning (we used to live in different time zones)- “Yo Bubs (my nickname among close friends is either Bubba or Bubbles (a story for another post)- tell me an amazing movie to watch.” I’ll often have to narrow down the choices based on something we have both seen (usually watched together). Fortunately, most of these relationships are not unilateral, as I’m often on the receiving end of TV or more often music recommendations. In writing about some of the many films I have seen (probably starting with more that I’ve seen recently), I’m hoping to not only share some of the cinematic experiences I have enjoyed (and maybe warn others of those I have enjoyed less), but also hopefully find other bloggers or writers with similar tastes, who may be able to point me in the direction of films I may enjoy.

However, when these girls mentioned that they intended to catch a movie- without hesitation and shamelessly, I plugged ‘Rust and Bone’ (or De rouille et d’os for a more authentic description).

Rust and Bone was not the last film I saw in theaters, but certainly the best. I’ve recently found myself going to see films by myself more often, especially since I live and work fairly close to the Kendall Square Cinema (A Landmark Theater) and they often play the independent dramas I am into it. However, when I recommended this film to multiple people (including a friend’s girlfriend, who, after seeing it, exclaimed that she will now forever and always trust my film recommendations), I strongly considered joining them to see it for a second time.

I’m big into character driven stories. In this one, Ali (Matthias Schoenaerts), a former prizefighter, and Stephanie (played by Marion Cotillard) an Orca trainer at a Sea-world like facility, who loses the lower part of both legs in a freak accident early on, both shine as individuals and as a pair. The movie set in present-day France, features some interesting family dynamics, touches on contentious class, labor, and social issues in modern-day France, and features a moving soundtrack including great tracks by Bon Iver, Bruce Springsteen and Katy Perry.

A. O. Scott provides a well written, but slightly less enthusiastic take than my own on the Drama directed by Jacques Audiard.

One of the most impressive elements of the performance by Cotillard involves her depiction of a paraplegic, missing both legs from just above the knee, and she somehow still manages to look both tough and even sexy, sometimes in back to back moments.


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