My “friend” whom I met while hanging at my temporary home base coffee shop for writing and waiting, Velo Rouge Cafe, recommended that if I like movies, I should DEFINITELY check out the Kabuki Theater while in town. Image

This recommendation wasn’t a hard sell for me at all, particularly given the fact that I love movies and since I had already planned on seeing something on an afternoon when i didn’t have much else planned.

However, her main selling points, comfy seats and adult beverages didn’t hurt either. The seats were relatively comfortable, but I could understand more of their appeal when I noticed that the arm rest could be lifted and they could be converted into a love seat for two (a nice feature for a date I’d imagine). Also, I didn’t take advantage of the alcoholic offerings, as by the second to last day of my trip, I’d had about as much boozing as I could handle for the week. 

However, my overall experience was certainly great, particularly given the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed my film of choice, Zero Dark Thirty. 

A few nice added touches included conveniently located internal coffee shop and amusing asian movie posters in the restrooms. Image Speaking of the restrooms, my only slight complaint was that I had to wait for about 20 minutes outside the theater until they opened at 12:45pm (which seemed a little late to me) but the wait was certainly worse considering the fact that I really just needed to pee. 

It’s getting hard for me to keep track, but I imagine the prices were at least reasonable in comparison to theaters in most major cities, at about 9$ for a weekday matinee.






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