“Champagne on the House?”

Given my affinity for diner breakfasts, it’s not often that I’m offered free Champagne while waiting for a table (we’ll let’s be real, this never happens at my typical diners).

 However, I figured while visiting one of my best friends and his wife in LA. Why not?

 Since we needed to stop by Santa Monica, they took me to “The Ivy,” their favorite favorite brunch spot in the area. I was a little taken aback (pleasantly) by the complimentary champagne and white table cloth settings, but when it came to the food, I was in for a real treat.

 While I often go fairly standard in my breakfast orders (2 eggs, breakfast potatoes, and some type of meat), the menu prices further solidified my choice. As I do whenever possible, I went for the poached eggs.  While they were certainly good, the real surprise winner of the meal was the bacon. As always, I judge my breakfasts by the meat and the potatoes, and this bacon may been the best breakfast meat I’ve had in my life. It was thick, rich, salty, and perfectly crisp. 



Interestingly, the side of potatoes turned out to be French Fries. They were decent fries; however, I certainly wouldn’t have expected that given the rest of the ambience. Although, in looking back, they may have only served fries given the time of day (around noon) and the fact that we had to ask for the breakfast menu, while the regular lunch menu included several gourmet burgers and fries. Though I was not surprised when we asked for ketchup to accompany both our eggs and fries and the condiment came served in single size serving bowls. I learned a long time ago, while working in an upscale french restaurant that restaurants of this caliber certainly do not put a Heinz bottle anywhere near their table tops. Image

Given the bacon alone this meal would’ve been worth it, but when you throw in the complimentary champagne and a beautiful seaside view (even on an overcast day) there’s no question about it.